Posted on 28th June 2023

The University Of Warwick Declares Winners Of Student Landlord Awards – AXO Student Living’s Sherbourne Student Village in Coventry Claims Runner-up Prize

Last month The University of Warwick Student’s Union held its annual ‘Rate Your Landlord’ awards ceremony. This event takes place to recognise some of the leading landlords and the best student accommodation for the University of Warwick.  

Rate Your Landlord is a partnership between the University of Warwick Students’ Union, Leeds University Union, and Unipol Student Homes. Each year, students in the surrounding areas are asked to rate their experiences by leaving an online review about their accommodation. These are especially helpful for any students who are looking to rent student accommodation in the future. The questionnaire allows students to score each question out of 5. This is then broken down into an overall rankings score and allows any future students easily browse for the best student accommodation in Coventry. 

Here is a breakdown of categories which current in-house students were asked to rate their experiences for: 

  • The signing and letting process. 
  • Customer service. 
  • The efficiency of repairs. 
  • Safety and security. 
  • Value for money.
  • Whether the house feels like a home. 
  • The moving-out process. 
  • Deposit handling.

AXO Student Living are thrilled to accept the runner-up prize for the best student accommodation in Coventry and Warwick areas for our Sherbourne Student Village building! 

AXO have three student accommodation properties available in Coventry, Sherbourne Student Village is one of them. The property has a total of 209 rooms, with newly designed studio bedrooms. There is access to lots of social spaces, both indoors and outdoors, where we host a range of AXO Life events. 

Sherbourne also has access to 24-hour CCTV, contents insurance, and utility bills included in the price. And just a 15-minute walk away, you can easily get to the main Priory Campus at Coventry University, the Library, and the Student’s Union. These are just some of the reasons as to why our residents feel safe and content whilst living with us, and voted AXO’s Sherbourne Student Village as one of the best student accommodation options in Coventry. 

If you’re renting student accommodation in Coventry and looking for things to do in the local area, check out our Ultimate Summer Guide for fun experiences not far from Sherbourne Student Village. 

When students were asked to fill out the questionnaire for the ‘Rate Your Landlord’ awards, they were given the option to leave any feedback or comments. One student, who ranked us a whopping 5/5, left the following response: 

The team is really supportive and human. Easily able to talk to them if there are ever any problems. 100% the best student accommodation for the University of Warwick. 

Our team at Sherbourne, and all our other properties in the area, are continuously striving to be the best student accommodation in Coventry. There are five tips for being a great student landlord, with the key to achieving this award is to be attentive to your tenants’ needs, communicate effectively, and provide a safe and living environment. Other tips include: 

  • Communicating openly – utilizing any student ambassadors or any group chats that are available to hear out resident issues as quickly as possible. 
  • Learn from your own experiences. 
  • Running a property with living conditions that you would be happy to put your own children in. 
  • Understand it’s more than just renting a room. 
  • Welcome any feedback. 

Whilst on the subject of feedback, another anonymous student had the following feedback on the ‘Rate Your Landlord’ survey for Sherbourne Student Village: 

Everything was amazing.” 

Thanks for that, we’ll happily take that one on board! AXO are delighted to have gained as many as 31 responses in total for the questionnaire. This gave the business a more in-depth understanding of any areas which need improving. Although taking a look back at our anonymous student feedback, it doesn’t seem like there is too much to fix! 

As we all know, moving to a new city can be quite a challenge for younger people. More often than not, new students are not acquainted with anyone in the area. If this applies to you and you’re looking for somewhere to study abroad next year, these feelings you might be experiencing are completely normal. And our staff are here to help with making your new journey a bit easier. AXO’s Thomas Bush, Sales & Marketing Director, said:  

It means a lot more than simply providing a room. For many students, this is their first time away from home and often they don’t know anyone in the city. It’s really important that as landlords, we make those initial weeks as welcoming and enjoyable as they can be to help them feel at home as soon as possible.” 

If you’re planning on moving somewhere new by yourself for education purposes, check out our blog which will give you some insights on the best ways to settle in your new city. 

If you’re searching for the best student accommodation for the University of Warwick or Coventry University, here is living proof that Sherbourne Student Village is the place for you. From incredible staff maintenance and landlord services to jam-packed AXO Life events and incredible facilities, you won’t miss out on staying whilst staying at Sherbourne Student Village next year.  

Although, we won’t stop there. Our fantastic staff will continue working their absolute hardest to improve our services and make sure our students have the best experience possible. 

AXO are thrilled to receive the runner-up prize for the University of Warwick Student Unions’ ‘Rate Your Landlord’ awards. This is an incredible achievement for us. Although, next time we’ll be reaching for first place… Watch this space! 

We also have two other accommodation options in the area, whether you are studying at the University of Warick or Coventry University. Check them out below: 

  • Broad Lane House – This is our closest property to the University of Warwick, with a direct bus that takes you to the main campus in 15 minutes. 

If you would like to make an enquiry about any of our properties, click here to book a room. Or you can request a viewing here