Short-Term Student Accommodation

Are you looking for summer accommodation in London or Coventry? Whether you’re studying over the summer or looking for that city brek, AXO Student Living offers flexible tenancies that can accommodate your needs.

Our summer accommodation options are perfect for students who require temporary accommodation during May – August months. We offer a variety of short-term student accommodation options in convenient locations throughout the UK.

If you’re studying in Coventry, Paradise Student Village is the perfect option for year-round, short-stay student accommodation. As the first student hotel in the city, we offer stays as short as one month at any time of the year.

Or if you are studying in the vibrant heart of London, AXO New Cross and AXO Islington offer exclusive short-stay accommodations. Experience the city like never before with our conveniently located, stylish options designed to enhance your stay.

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Short-Term Stay Locations


We have one of the largest blocks of short-stay student accommodation in Coventry with Paradise Student Village. The building is located just a 10-minute walk from the main Priory Campus of Coventry University. The student village option is located in the centre of Coventry.


We have 2 locations offering short-term student accommodation in London; AXO Islington and AXO New Cross. Whilst each of these buildings offer a different great location and room options, they are both unique in their own way, so you can find something perfect for your university experience. 

With around 40 higher education institutions all operating on their own term schedules, short-stay student accommodation in London is a necessity for some students. Our short-term student accommodation in London is spread across four buildings in the city. This means you can live near to your campus whilst experiencing the same level of quality you can expect at any of our AXO Student Living buildings. To find out more, read on here.

Questions for short-term stay students

How do I book a short-term stay?

Unlike booking with us for a normal length of contract through our booking portal, flexible contracts are available through this form. You will need to provide your personal details, as well as the length of your intended stay.

What furnishings are included?

All AXO Student flats come fully furnished, but the specifics can be found on each building’s page where different room types are listed more accurately. 

What is included in the cost?

Utilities and WiFi are both included in the rent at all of our properties. This means you won’t have to worry about searching for a last-minute provider just before you move in, and you won’t have to worry about your usage of gas and electricity.

Can more than one person share the same room?

With some of our studio flats, you are able to share the room with another student, for an additional cost to your weekly rent. You can find out more on the specific property pages.

How is the accessibility for disabled students?

For most of our properties, there are wheelchair accessibility options for disabled students. Specific information as to which properties have this access can be found on the individual location pages.



Short Term Locations

Here at AXO, we pride ourselves on providing affordable, comfortable and reliable accommodations for every university student. These include short-term student housing options for those who are looking for a transient place to stay.


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