Rent & Payment

We make student accommodations for UK students easy, affordable and reliable. We offer a variety of instalment options. Our rent and payment options fit the needs of every kind of student, regardless of their financial status and availability. Browse below our plans and find what suits you.

No Guarantor Needed

Say goodbye to the headache of finding a guarantor! At AXO, we trust in your ability to handle your finances responsibly. That means you no longer need to find someone to vouch for you – we’ve got you covered!

Flexible Payment Options

We understand that managing finances as a student can be challenging, which is why we offer flexibility in payment. Depending on which property you choose to stay at, there is a range of payment instalment options available to choose from, ranging from 1-10 months. Payments can be made via our AXO Portal here.

With no guarantor required and flexible payment plans, you can easily live your best student life with AXO!


Payment Providers We Accept