Posted on 11th August 2022

Best Ways to Settle in a New City

As another new academic year fast approaches, many students have relocated to new towns, cities, and even countries to study. If this applies to you, we want to wish you a huge congratulations and a warm welcome to your new city! Although moving away from home is a step outside of your comfort zone, it’s also a massive step in the next chapter of your life. There are many benefits to moving to a new city, such as embracing new cultures, meeting new people, and discovering new parts of the world. Whether you have visited your new city before moving, or it’s a completely new neck of the woods, here are some tips that will help you settle in.

Where to start when moving to a new house?

The first thing you’ll want to do is decorate! You want your new space to feel welcoming and homely, right? Make sure you unpack your belongings within the first couple of days. Maybe take yourself around town to purchase a few bits you like. For example, a few paintings, some fairy lights, or a poster. But whatever you do, make this space your own. There’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying than coming home to your own beautifully designed sanctuary after a long and stressful day.

What is there to do in my new city?

Make sure you do your research! Identify what your new city has to offer that you might enjoy doing. If you enjoy nature or going for a run, research your local parks. If you enjoy the more cultural and historical side of things, research what museums or art galleries are in the area. If you’re a coffee fanatic, find your local coffee shop. Or try something completely new! Make sure to outline some of the places you want to visit. This will also help you to familiarise yourself with the local transport services, supermarkets, and gym facilities. Do not forget to sign up for the dentist and doctor’s surgery too! Getting to know your way around the new city will help you to feel more settled.

At AXO, we love making your lives easier! So, we have put together some short videos to help you find some fun things to do in your new city. Check them out below:





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Best ways to explore my new city

Once you have worked out the best way to get around the place, the best thing to do is look around. Be a tourist for the day! Whether you decide to book a tour or plan the route yourself, make sure to embrace the tourist life. Cities were made to explore! Another way to settle in is by learning about your immediate surroundings. This will slowly allow you to depend less on using maps, which is always a winner. Knowing your way around the place helps you feel established within the city. This may take a while but keep at it. And try to explore something new each time you take your route if you can.

How to make friends in a new city?

If you’re a student who has moved to a new area, it’s more than likely you’re not the only one in this scenario. Here’s where technology and social media can be your best friend. There are lots of new and exciting ways for you to meet new people in the city. And it’s as easy as swiping right or left! Bumble BFF is one of the best ways to meet people in a new city. It’s an application designed to help you connect with new people. Download the app, create your profile, add some pictures and a bio & you’re good to go! You can see other people’s profiles and decide if you have any common interests. James is only 3.4 miles away and loves coffee as much as you do? It’s a definite swipe right! New friends can also help you to learn more about the area and show you around!

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Another good platform to find other students in your city is Facebook. There will be certain groups and communities provided by your university. These groups could be as specific as your course and year group, so make sure you find these. Due to the pandemic, using social media to meet new people is at its peak. Give it a go!

How can I find new things to do near me?

Say yes! That wasn’t too hard, was it? Saying yes to new opportunities and experiences can really help you make new connections and build friendships and relationships with other people in your new city. Your match from bumble is asking you to go out for a coffee this Saturday afternoon, but the nerves are starting to kick in. Just say yes. Do it. You never know where things could lead! Embrace the experiences this new city and people have to offer you. Join a sports club, join the local LGBT social club, or even join the baking club. Whatever it is, just say yes. Saying yes to new experiences doesn’t mean that you must completely go out of your comfort zone. But it’s definitely one of the best ways to connect with more people around you to help you settle in your new city. See you on Saturday, James!

How can I plan things to look forward to?

Grab yourself a new planner. It never hurts anyone to be organised! This will help you to get some structure for your plans. Also, why not plan an away trip? Just because you have moved to a brand new city, doesn’t mean that you can’t ever leave it. Call that friend who went to uni elsewhere. Take a trip and go and visit them. And vice versa. It could be your turn to be the tour guide! A little trip away may also help you realise that you miss home sweet home. It’s always good to have something to look forward to.

Moving away from home is a huge step for any student. But remember, there are endless things to do in your new city. Embrace this new chapter of your life. And most importantly, enjoy it!