Posted on 8th October 2019

First term of University, how to deal with homesickness.

If you’re someone who goes on a two week holiday and feels homesick you may be worrying about how you’ll feel at University. It’s true that most students feel these emotions, being away from home for so long for the first time and living with a bunch of new people can have this effect. 

As AXO Student Living we want to support you all the way so we’ve listed some of the things you can do to feel better. Remember you can always speak to staff or one of our student mentors as they are here to support you!

Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp call, use the channels available to see your loved ones. This is one of those moments that make us feel grateful for the internet, we can call and see the people we want to at no extra cost. Previous International students will know the struggle of calling home from the UK, not only did you not have the luxury of seeing them but it costs so much to have a phone call. 

Nowadays we can video call and speak for hours and it doesn’t cost an extra penny.

Keep yourself busy with University work. I think it’s safe to say that the first term of University flies by, before you know it you’ll be packing some of your things to go home for Christmas and New Years. 

However within this period you may have some down days where you want to be at home with your loved ones. Times like this going to the library to have a group study session or working through your reading list in a cafe or common room will have two benefits. 

Firstly you’ll be getting work done (always positive) and secondly you will be out of your room and around other people. This may not sound like much but being around University students has a different kind of buzz and is a good distraction if you’re feeling homesick.

Attend events and make plans with your flatmates. First term will be packed with events from Freshers week to introductory meetings and meals. 

These events are a good way of meeting new people and distracting yourself from feeling homesick. The people you meet at these events may become some of your life long friends- everyone’s familiar with the saying that you meet your good friends at University right?

Speak to people. Speaking to people is said to have the power to help and heal us. Sharing how you feel, what you’re looking forward to or what you’re worried about will make you feel better. Not only this, it will also allow you to get other people’s perspective. 

You may feel alone at University but don’t forget that your University and your accommodation provider will have people in place for you to speak to. 

First term of University can be overwhelming as much as it is exciting, feeling like this is okay, know that you aren’t alone and have support systems around you. 

What are your ways of coping with homesickness?