Posted on 22nd December 2023

Public Transport Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Around Coventry

Starting to feel at home in your new student accommodation? Let’s turn your attention to exploring Coventry.

Despite all the fun Coventry has to offer, we know that getting around in a new place can feel overwhelming and confusing. And of course, learning how the Coventry public transport system works can feel like a beast.

But don’t worry! We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you crack the secrets of Coventry’s public transport system:

Planning your journey

To start getting around, we strongly advise kicking off things off with a journey planner. Sure, you’ll soon master the city, but for now, let’s keep things smart and savvy.

Simply head to the Transport for West Midlands site for their user-friendly journey planner. You’ll just need to enter the start and end postcodes and from there, select your preferred mode of transport – whether it’s bus, train, tram or even walking.

The planner goes one step further by letting you choose between the fastest route and the route with the fewest changes (a lifesaver!). Once you’ve entered all the necessary bits, voila! The planner creates a personalised travel plan, complete with times, bus numbers, stops and all the details you need for a smooth journey.

Buying student tickets 

Luckily for uni students using the Coventry public transport system, there are discounted student tickets up for grabs. These are perfect if you rely on public transport to get to and from university or your part-time job.

TfWM offers flexible options like 4-week tickets, semester tickets and direct debit tickets to meet the diverse needs of student life.

If you’re grabbing your student ticket, just make sure to read through TfWM’s website and submit all the right things to prove you’re a student!

Pro Tip for Uni of Warwick Students:

Make the most of your student experience by taking advantage of discounted National Express ticket prices within the Uni Hop zone. All you need to do is show your student ID to the driver or purchase your ticket using the mTicket app.

Using Swift

As you’re new to Coventry, you’ve probably heard about Swift and have found yourself wondering if the city is a bird lovers’ oasis but no – It’s quite simple, Swift is a smart card ticketing system created by Transport for West Midlands that can be used on Coventry public transport to make travelling easier.

And let’s be real – who wants to carry around cash these days? Thanks to the Swift system, you can easily load your season tickets or pay-as-you-go credit onto your card and be on your way in no time.

While we highly recommend the student ticket for regular use, Swift is the perfect alternative if you don’t need to travel as much.

How to get a Swift card

To get your Swift card, all you’ll need to do is head to the TfWM website and place your order. Your handy card will arrive in as little as 7 days.

Pro Tip for Swift Cards

To make your life even easier, make sure to create an online Swift account after you get your card. Doing this allows you to register your card which makes it easier to replace if you lose it or if something unexpected happens.

Using the trains

If you’re looking to travel beyond Coventry, taking the train is a great option. Luckily, Coventry’s train station is located right in the city centre, making it easy to get to and from. The station is well-staffed, so if you’re unsure about anything, there’s always someone around to assist you. Like all train stations in the UK, you can simply buy your tickets at the station, or if you’re a planner, you can use the National Rail site or Trainline app to purchase and store your tickets.

Using Trams

Now, about trams. Although the Coventry public transport system doesn’t currently include operated trams, change is on the horizon. The city’s plans include the Coventry Very Light Rail – a much-anticipated upgrade that’s going to make getting around even faster.

Take it from us, the Coventry public transport system isn’t a monster, it’s actually your best friend. With student discounts and a range of transportation modes at your fingertips, you can finally say goodbye to your room (briefly, of course) and say hi to the city. Who knows, you might even discover some amazing spots!

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