Posted on 21st July 2020

How we are keeping our residents safe during COVID-19

How are we keeping residents safe during COVID-19?

With life slowly returning to normal and move-in day approaching we wanted to answer some important questions about the measures we’re taking to ensure the safest move-in day and accommodation standards which comply with UK government guidelines around Coronavirus.

Cleaning our buildings 

How has the AXO cleaning procedure changed since Coronavirus?

We’ve increased our cleaning regime in all the communal areas i.e. lifts, stairwells, public toilets, social lounges so that you can continue to use them as normal.

Social areas

Are AXO’s cinema rooms and gyms safe to use?

The cinema rooms in Paradise Student Village and AXO Sunderland are  now open and we are taking bookings. The number of bookings we have in one day will be limited to allow for social distancing. On top of this, we will clean the cinema rooms in-between each booking to make sure the rooms are safe to be used again.

Gyms will open on 27th July with a more regular cleaning schedule. We’ll open them from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm with one hour slots per person (up to a maximum of 5 for Paradise Student Village and 2 for AXO Sunderland). Between each session, our staff will go into the gym and wipe down all of the equipment/doors and we will provide spray and cleaning cloths for each piece of equipment so you can also wipe down the equipment yourself.

Both cinema rooms and gyms have been labelled with tape for students to follow 2-metre social distancing rule.

Can I still use the smoking area?

Smoking areas will remain open however a 2-metre distance must be maintained between all students.

Can I still use the lifts?

Yes, however, lifts are to be used by one person at a time.

Laundry room

How many students can use the laundry room at one time? 

If you are living in a building with a small or medium laundry room then you will be required to use the laundry room one at a time. Two students can use the laundry room if it is a bigger one. We  have signage in place to make this clear.


If I have a maintenance issue how should I report this?

Previously students were able to report maintenance problems at reception, however to make sure we are minimising face-to-face contact as much as possible we’re asking students to email  Please ensure you state the building you are living in, your room number, name and what the repair issue is. 

Will all maintenance issues be sorted?

To ensure the safety of our students and staff we will only carry out essential maintenance work related to health and safety. All non-essential maintenance will not be carried out at this time.

Post delivery

How can I check if my post has been delivered?

Previously students could come to reception to check if their post had been delivered. For the safety of our students and staff, we will start emailing students when their post has been delivered so there is no need to ask in reception.

What if there is a queue when I come to collect my post?

If there is a queue when you come to collect your post and you cannot keep a 2-metre distance, please come back to reception at a later time.

How can I keep a 2-metre distance at reception?

To ensure students do not come within 2-metres of the receptions we have marked the floors with tape. At all times students must stay 2-metres away from the reception and other students.

Rent payment

How should I pay my rent?

We advise students to start paying rent online via our portal, over the phone, or by bank transfer. Please check for the phone number of the building you are living in.

Getting in touch

How shall I get in touch for general questions or information?

For any other enquires and questions please email or call your building. You can find the email address or phone number of your building on

New COVID-19 staff training

What is AXO doing to make sure staff are well equipped in dealing with Coronavirus?

All our staff have completed the new COVID-19 training which outlines how the virus is spread, what measures need to be taken in order to prevent and minimise the risk of spreading, personal and workplace hygiene.

How are AXO staff staying protected?  

Our staff are wearing face coverings and gloves at all times and have full stock of hand sanitiser. In some locations we have also installed perspex screens at reception.

For any further questions or concerns please email us on and we’ll be happy to help.