Posted on 5th September 2019

Nervous about moving out to University? We’ve got 5 tips to help you with your preparation

Studying at University and living independently for the first time is often described as a once in a lifetime experience. For the most part this is true, the people you meet, the memories you make and the countless hours of studying will become some of your best years. 

However, it’s also okay to feel nervous. The next few weeks leading up to moving out day you may be feeling a mixture of emotions. Most students say they feel excited, nervous and don’t know what to expect about their new journey. 

All of these emotions are part of your journey but to make things easier we’ve got together some tips on how to manage and ease the transition. 

Tip 1: Knowing that you’re not alone. UCAS statistics show that over 353, 960 students in the UK and 84 310 students internationally have been accepted to study in the UK- in total that’s 438, 270. 

So 438, 270 + you is starting this journey, chances are they are sharing the same emotions as you, having similar conversations and searching for similar things on Google of what to expect- sometimes one of the most reassuring things is to know that you’re not alone.

Top 2: Start a conversation with other students. One of the beauties of social media is that you can connect with people from all over the world, students starting the same University as you, studying the same course and even staying in the same accommodation- you can find them all online. 

You may already be part of the Facebook groups and following all the relevant accounts to do with your journey, if you are not then we highly suggest you do. This will give you a platform to start a conversation and meet people so when you move in you already know a few of them!

Keep an eye out on our social media if you’re staying with us here at AXO! Get involved with the conversations and don’t forget that we organise events all year round- making it easier for you to meet new people!

Tip 3: Speak to family and friends. The closest people to you will know that you’re moving out soon and have probably helped you pack your things. If you haven’t already speak to them about the transition, voicing your concerns and what you are looking forward to will allow them to give you their perspective and will make you feel a lot better about things.

Tip 4: Have everything you need prepared. This is a bit of a bold statement as you can’t always predict what you may need but having the essentials packed is key to meeting tip 4. 

Here is a list of things that you will probably need: 

  1. Proof of ID
  2. Documents to move into accommodation 
  3. Bed sheets 
  4. Kitchen utensils 
  5. Food

Tip 5: Our last but not least tip is to have faith in yourself. You’ve come this far to go to University, you’ve done countless hours of revision and mental preparation to start your journey.- everything that you’ve done is a product of your own hard work (with the support of others which we’re sure you’re thankful for). 

Good luck on your new journey and don’t forget, you’ve got this. 

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