Posted on 29th February 2024

Fun Things to do in Coventry for Students

Coventry’s rich history and beautiful culture is well known, but just beneath the surface lies a hidden world waiting to be explored. The city offers a wide range of experiences, from exploring iconic landmarks to discovering hidden gems that offer a unique perspective on its thriving present.

This student guide is your map to Coventry’s student scene. We’ll be looking at the top activities, hidden gems and must-have experiences that will transform your time here from simply surviving your studies to truly thriving in a dynamic city. So put down your phone (for a moment!), step out the door and get ready to see all the fun things to do in Coventry for students.

Escape Live Coventry

Feeling like your study sessions could use a bit more, well, escape? Gather your mates and head to Escape Live Coventry for a thrilling challenge that will test your teamwork and problem-solving skills.

You and a group of friends can pick from three themed rooms: become daring prison escapees, try your luck in a high-stakes casino heist, or even tackle an apocalyptic mission – all within a 60-minute timeframe. Can you crack the codes, solve the puzzles, and escape before time runs out?

Planet Ice Coventry

Finding yourself twisting and turning in bed, thinking about … ice? Well, if you are, why not grab a couple of your flatmates and head to Planet Ice Coventry?

This indoor ice rink caters to all skill levels, offering open skate sessions for a relaxed glide or lessons to help you master the fundamentals. Whether you’re starting new plans to be a figure skater or a hockey pro, Planet Ice is giving you the perfect place to do it all.

You don’t just have to skate, you can sit down and catch an ice hockey match featuring Coventry icons; Coventry Blaze. If activities that leave you feeling chilly aren’t quite your style, don’t worry! There are still plenty more fun things to do in Coventry.

The Ballroom Climbing Wall

Ready to reach new heights (literally)? If so, then why not head to Coventry’s top rock climbing spot, The Ballroom Climbing Wall.

This indoor climbing gym offers a fun and active way to break a sweat, whether you’re a seasoned climber or a complete beginner. With walls catering to all skill levels, it’s a great activity to try with friends.

Surprise Encounter

Tabletop gaming may seem a bit daunting for a beginner, but at Surprise Encounter, Coventry’s premier tabletop gaming centre, they’re making it super easy and welcoming.

Bring your friends or just yourself, roll the dice and get ready for an epic quest. With a wide range of games on offer, including role-playing and strategic wargaming, there’s something for everyone.

Teamspot Indoor Go Karting

If you’ve been watching the Fast and Furious movies and thinking you could do the same, why not test your skills at Teamspot Indoor Go Karting? We’re convinced it’s one of the most fun things to do in Coventry!

It’s the perfect escape for Coventry’s adrenaline junkies. All you’ll need to do is round up your friends and get ready to experience the thrill of racing and try to be the fastest racer on the track.

FarGo Village 

Want a break from the usual student haunts and something a little more unique? Why not go on an adventure to FarGo Village, in our eyes, it is literally Coventry’s hidden gem. 

Set in colourful mobile units, this spot features a diverse community of independent shops offering a trove of great finds. Whether you’re looking for a quirky tapestry to hang on your accommodation’s wall, the perfect gift, or simply a yummy treat, Fargo Village has something special in store.

Go Ape

Feeling the weight of textbooks and the stress of deadlines?

While we know it’s super important to get all your work done, we highly suggest a trip to Go Ape for a thrilling adventure in nature – plus it’s set against the beautiful landscape of Coombe Abbey Country Park.

Go Ape isn’t your average stroll in the park; it’s an exciting journey where you can swing through the treetops, conquer challenging obstacles, and zip line. What’s even better, as a student you can enjoy a nice 10% discount.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

If you’re looking to get immersed in the culture of Coventry, The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is the place to go! You can have the opportunity to learn about one of Coventry’s most famous residents, Lady Godiva, from their amazing permanent exhibition!

If virtual reality is more your speed, make sure you check out the Dipp-E VR experience, which takes you back to Coventry 175 million years ago! The exhibition follows the story of Dippy, the 26-metre dinosaur as he discovers what would eventually become Coventry!

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty, The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum also offers a variety of workshops to get stuck into. From Silversmithing to Cyanotype photography, you may find yourself spoilt for choice when choosing which masterclass to attend.

UK Paintball Coventry 

If we’re talking about fun things to do in Coventry, paintballing has to be up there with the best! At UK Paintball Coventry,  you can expect to gear up with your friends and battle it out to ensure your team achieves your mission objective!

At Coventry’s premier paintballing venue, experience 4 game zones, The Fort, Trenches, Village, and Ridges. These zones are situated within an ex-military training ground and provide an immersive setting to fuel your fun-packed day.

Don’t worry about bringing any supplies with you, all gear and equipment is provided for you and your team, simply suit up and head into battle!

To ensure you can easily access all the fun things Coventry has to offer, book your unique room with AXO Student Living.