Posted on 9th September 2020

All you need to know about accommodation if you’re a parent or guardian

Sending your child away for University is not only a huge milestone for them but also for you. For many of you, this is a vision you had in your mind before they even said their first words. Here at AXO Student Living, not only have we helped thousands, upon thousands of parents and guardians move their child into our buildings over the years, but we have also experienced this in our personal lives (some of us being the parents and others the students – some both!).

We know that this is both an emotional and exciting time, so we’ve got together all the information you need to give you peace of mind when sending your (not so) little ones off to university.


The health and safety of students is our number one priority. All of our properties can only be accessed by key cards and any guests of students are asked to sign in so we have the details of everyone coming in and out of the buildings.

Sites are monitored 24/7 with reception opening hours between 9 am-6pm Monday through to Friday. So there will always be someone to take care of any enquiry.

We also have CCTV in operation in all our properties. Therefore, we can watch any goings on in our buildings in real-time, this is also recorded should anything need to be addressed later or for further investigation.

How has safety changed during COVID-19? 

During the Coronavirus pandemic AXO Student Living was very quick to ensure our students and staff alike were protected and looked after. We are constantly reviewing the government guidelines and as such our own procedures and policies in line with them as well as regularly liaising with our university partners to make sure we are sharing best practice and aligning with their methods if necessary.

We recently published a blog on how we’re keeping our residents safe during COVID-19. To give you a summary, we’ve implemented the following:

  • 2 metre social distancing marks all around our buildings.
  • All staff are always required to wear gloves and a mask.
  • A more frequent cleaning schedule of the communal areas.
  • Social areas such as the gym and cinema room need to be booked in advance so we can ensure social distancing is possible.
  • We’re cleaning the gym between each session as well as providing cleaning equipment for students to use.
  • Students are required to pay their rent and raise any maintenance issues via our portal to minimise contact with staff.
  • For any students who need to self-isolate we offer a heightened service to ensure they do not have to leave their rooms or apartments.


Student community

For many students, this is the first time they’re moving out of their home and living away from you guys. A worry for parents/guardians and students is making friends and living in an accommodation which offers a strong sense of community.

We host regular AXO Life events to encourage students to meet one another. These events can be anywhere between pizza nights or a big online quiz, this helps us bring the student community together on-site and online.

Due to COVID-19 we’re moving a lot of our events online and the ones we host on-site will be run adhering to government guidelines. We encourage all of our students to join our Facebook city pages to keep up to date with all the latest events and make friends:

London Facebook page

Coventry Facebook page

Suffolk Facebook page

Sunderland Facebook page

Payment details

If you’re a UK based guarantor for your child, then they are able to pay in 3 instalments.

If you’re not a UK based guarantor then your child will need to pay in 1 instalment. If you do not wish to pay in 1 instalment, you can now use Housing Hand which is a service that acts as a guarantor for all students.

We accept payment via:

  • Debit or Credit Card – via the student portal (we don’t accept PDQ payments on-site or cash)
  • Bank Transfer – please contact us to get the necessary details for the accommodation your child will be staying in.


You may have some questions for us which we would be more than happy to help you answer. just give the relevant residence a call or send us an email at and our helpful teams will be more than happy to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming your child to their new homes soon!