Posted on 7th August 2020

How to prepare for study abroad during Coronavirus

COVID-19 has had a big impact on the education system for overseas students coming over to the UK. Here’s how to prepare.

For students around the world, the day they receive their results is one of the most important and memorable days of their lives. Your exams are what you work hard towards all year and although disappointing that the International Baccalaureate exams did not take place this year, it was amazing to see that there was still so much success seen worldwide with the results! AXO Student Living want to say a huge congratulations to all those who passed.

The decision on whether to partake in a study abroad program next academic year has undoubtedly been a difficult one, with what feels like so much uncertainty in the world right now. Therefore, to make things a little easier for you we’ve got some tips together on how to prepare for study abroad during Coronavirus.

Stick to your plans before the pandemic

With so much changing almost every day, it’s quite easy to find yourself changing your mindset on things just as frequently. However, it’s important to bear in mind what it is you wanted before the pandemic and work towards this. If outside influences cause this not to be possible then so be it, but keep focused on your goal with an aim to see it through. With travel restrictions changing, the likelihood of being able to study abroad increases, therefore, carrying out this plan will make sure that you have everything prepared as much as possible in regards to your travel to the UK, so that the decision is not rushed, should the opportunity arise. AXO have ensured that should anything COVID-19 related impact your accommodation booking, then you will be able to cancel without any obligation or cost.

Keep up to date with news related to COVID_19

The government guidelines in the UK are changing as lockdown eases up. Rules and regulations are updated regularly, so it’s important to know what the latest ones are and how these may impact your travel and study.

What happens if you need to self-isolate in the UK?

Depending on the country you are travelling from you may need to ‘self-isolate’ for two weeks on arrival to the UK. Students who have applied to live in an AXO property will get these two weeks for free. To qualify for two weeks free rent all you need to do is provide us with proof of the country you are travelling from, so feel free to arrive a couple of weeks early to get yourself settled and safe before your course begins.

Stay in contact with your University and accommodation provider

Even outside of a pandemic, it is important to keep abreast with University updates and liaise with your accommodation provider if you have any questions, which will help you be better prepared for your arrival.

The Universities and AXO Student Living alike are regularly updating their information in line with government announcements that will be useful for you to know. A good way of staying updated is following their social media accounts, regularly checking websites, blogs and getting in contact should you be unsure about anything.

For any questions regarding moving into AXO Student Living please email or check our risk-free cancellation policy and our blog for regular updates about how we are assisting our residents with the current pandemic, as well as making our residences even safer.

Peace of mind

There is no denying we are living in more stressful times than we are used to. Moving to another country to study can be a daunting process even without the worries of a pandemic, but it is also an exciting and rewarding experience. Know that you are not alone. There are thousands of students who are going through the same process that you are. As a result, universities and other services that you will use in the UK are working tirelessly to make the necessary changes in order to ensure the process of travelling and studying abroad is as easy & straightforward as it can be.

At AXO we are also doing our bit. We’ve updated our cancellation policy so that you can book with us risk-free, thus giving you the peace of mind you need when choosing your new home. We’re also following government guidelines to make sure that our accommodation is as clean and safe as possible. Find out what we are doing to keep our accommodation and you safe.

We understand that communication is an important part of this process. To reach out to us you can send an email to