Posted on 15th April 2020

Netflix series suggested by AXO students!

No one knows the best binge-worthy box sets quite like a student does. Netflix is so popular among students that The University of Leicester has an article called “The Netflix Obsession”. The article talks about how long it would take an adult to watch all shows added to Netflix in one year. We won’t give too much away but if you’re interested in finding out more then check out

Following on from this well-known “fact” we decided to ask our students what they are binging on. There were a few popular responses however to our surprise no one suggested Friends. Is watching Friends not a thing anymore?

P.S we will try our best to not give away any spoilers!

So here it is – our top recommendations for lockdown box-set, binge-worthiness, as voted by you our students:

La Casa de Papel also known as Money Heist 

Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama series involving a group of bank robbers who organise large, daring heists. The first heist they embark on  is the Royal Mint of Spain, from there they set their sights higher, but of course with greater reward comes greater risk!

The show starts with the professor clearly stating that the individuals are not permitted to form personal relationships. So much so that they are named after capital cities such as Berlin and Tokyo.

Once the professor runs through an extensive plan the elaborate assaults can begin. As you can imagine not everything goes to plan and this is what makes the show so exciting. Suspense and action are two themes throughout the series – perfect for those who crave a thrill from their shows, or several. There are some scenes in Money Heist that will stick with viewers for a very long time, but we’ll leave it to you to discover them for yourself.

What is it that gets people so hooked on Money Heist? Is it the daring nature of the characters or is it the anarchy of plotting against the government? That’s for you to decide…

Tiger King

Don’t worry if true crime documentaries aren’t your thing, Tiger King is another level of mind-blowing quirkiness that you’ll be hooked before you know it. At the start of the documentary, the documenter admits that he would have never imagined that his low-budget filming to end the way it did. If that doesn’t get your taste buds for suspense going we don’t know what will!

The documentary follows the story of two main protagonists: Joe Exotic (the Tiger King) and Carole Baskin. You may have already seen these two names floating around on social media due to the many memes that hit our friends Insta stories in what seemed like minutes after it aired. While one side claims to be fighting for animals rights the other argues that they are nothing by law abiding citizens who happen to  own private zoos – but we soon learn that for all their disputes, they really aren’t so different after all.

The documentary has you picking sides due to  the characters’ conflicting statements, adding more twists and turns than Alton Towers. The events that take place and the secrets which are revealed force the viewers to change their views every episode.

If you’ve already watched the documentary what’s your view and who’s side, if any, are you on?

F1: Drive to survive

Did you know what 97% of Google users liked this show? That’s not a bad statistic to get things started, race car fan or not.

The documentary gives viewers an inside look at what the real world of Formula 1 is like – the personal the political and the technical. Viewers get to see teams at Ferrari and Mercedes open up about winning and losing. Giving a real insight into their competitive world.

If you are someone who has an interest in life in the fast lane experienced in this multi-billion dollar industry then this would be the documentary for you.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul follows an ex-con artist who conveniently turns into a criminal attorney. Saul Goodman is his alter-ego, and any story with an alter-ego is always that tad bit more entertaining.

The series is often compared to Breaking Bad, due to the character being born out of the top rated show, in fact some claim that this shows is even better than the spin-off’s origin. Do viewers of the show agree with this statement or will your heart always be with the meth-dealing enigma that is Heisenberg over the quirky, quippy Saul?

Goodman more of a lovable rogue of a character over a chilling criminal, albeit one who sings nursery rhymes in moments some may feel are inappropriate to do so. However, his free spirit nature is one which makes the show continually unpredictable.

Did your favourite binge-worthy show make it to our list? Are you a Netflix pro who has watched all four shows and is onto your next discovery? If so, give us a shout on social media as we’d love to know what’s new!