Posted on 26th October 2023

8 Student Hobbies in London To Try

Kicking off your uni life in London? Beyond the lectures and late-night study sessions, the city’s buzzing with cool hobbies just waiting for you to dive in. Trust us, amidst the chaos of uni life, you’ll want that ‘switch-off’ time. Whether it’s art, skateboarding, or something quirky, London’s got the lot.

Remember, while uni is all about hitting those grades, it’s also about experiences, meeting new people, and creating memories. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 8 must-try hobbies in London to amplify to help you make the most out of your student experience.

Book Clubs

Alright, lit-lovers of London, here’s a heads-up for you: London isn’t just the backdrop for Sherlock’s adventures or Bridget Jones’s diary entries; it’s the literary stomping ground of giants like Charles Dickens and Zadie Smith. And with powerhouses like Bloomsbury churning out bestsellers, London’s got the bookish vibes down pat. 

If you fancy discussing the latest plot twist over a cuppa check out The Candid Book Club at Waterstones Piccadilly, and who knows, you might just bump into an author or two.  

If you prefer to stay within the confines of your uni, it’s best to see what your university union has going on. For example, Kings College has its very own book club aptly titled ‘A Thousand Splendid Crumbs’.

Sports teams 

While sports might be a common hobby, there’s a reason it’s a staple in many students’ lives. The thrill of competition, the camaraderie, and the physical benefits are unparalleled. 

University sports societies are ideal launching pads for you to pick up a sporting hobby. They not only introduce you to various sports but also connect you with enthusiastic peers. Whether you’re into mainstream sports or seeking an offbeat adventure like Quidditch (yes, the magical sport from Harry Potter!), university societies have got you covered.


Looking for hobbies in London that are a little out of the ordinary? Say hello to skateboarding! Even if you’re just starting out, London’s got the perfect spots to kick off your journey into Tony Hawk fame. 

From smooth stretches at BaySixty6 in Ladbroke Grove to the underground vibes of House of Vans, there’s a corner for every newbie.

If you’re not quite sure how to start? No problem! Skates and Ladders is here to guide you on your very first glide. Embrace the board, embrace the city, and of course, skate on.


For rewarding hobbies in London, we highly recommend you try volunteering. It’s not just about giving back to your community (though that’s a massive bonus) – it’s also about adding a sprinkle of purpose to your everyday student life. 

Pop over to the Team London page, and you’ll find heaps of ways to get involved. Whether it’s helping out at food banks, guiding young minds, or standing by asylum seekers, there’s something for everyone. And, if you feel like that’s not enough check out the ‘Do-It‘ database. It’s packed with a ton of volunteering gigs all around the city.


Ever dreamt of going on a treasure hunt right in the heart of London? Forget ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – we’re talking about geocaching! Just picture the world’s biggest hide-and-seek game.

As a student, exploring London is a must. Geo-caching doesn’t just introduce you to iconic landmarks but unveils hidden gems and offbeat spots. And let’s be real, there’s nothing like the rush of cracking a cryptic clue to find a hidden cache.

All you need to do is download the Geocaching app and get your detective hat on.

Table Top Gaming 

Attention all board game enthusiasts! If rolling dice, strategising moves, and a bit of friendly banter sound like your cup of tea, then London’s the perfect spot.

For all things tabletop, check out London on Board – a daily tabletop game meetup group. This isn’t just a weekend haunt – it’s perfect for students with those unpredictable timetables. From timeless board games to the enthralling realms of Dungeons and Dragons, they’ve got you covered. And get this, they often host special events, giving you a first look at exclusive game releases.

Beyond the cracking fun, it’s a smashing way to bond with fellow gamers and make new mates. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of friendly rivalry?

Cinema Club 

Are you a future Tarantino or Coppola, currently knee-deep in film theory and needing a fun little cinema fix? If so, London Cinema Club is the perfect spot for you to turn your degree into a hobby. 

Not only can you catch the film of the week in the comfort of your home, but you also have the option to join a group screening and add your opinion to the lively post-film discussions. Beyond just watching, it’s the ensuing chatter about plot twists and themes that makes it a real treat. So, if you want to deepen your cinematic knowledge and meet fellow movie enthusiasts, this club is the perfect ticket for your London nights.

Get into art

Craving a splash of creativity? Well, if you’ve been hunting for stand-out hobbies in London, the National Gallery is about to be your new favourite spot. 

Cue the ‘Friday Lates’ – the National Gallery’s artsy evening sessions with life drawing and hands-on workshops. What makes it great? Every session is free and inspired by the gallery’s current exhibits. So, while brushing up on your art chops, you’re also soaking in rich culture.


Feeling inspired and ready to go out and see what hobbies in London take your fancy? Perfect! Whether it’s the allure of a skate park or the peacefulness of an art workshop, there’s a corner of London waiting just for you.

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