Posted on 3rd December 2019

How blogging can help improve your writing style and impress employers

Writing blogs has become one of the most popular hobbies in the 21st century. It’s so rewarding that many people have turned their hobby into an income – giving them the chance to earn some cash and work with big brands! 

Whether you’re interested in blogging for yourself, brands or future employers – showing off your blog will score you extra points

Blogging is creating something on your own terms. 

Both the content you produce and how often you produce content is up to you! If you’re blogging as a hobby then there are no deadlines you need to meet, no one looking over your shoulder or demanding changes be made. 

Your blog is your own world and what you say goes! This is of course as long as you are blogging for yourself. If you start working with brands or its one of your tasks at work then you will have to meet brand guidelines. 

This isn’t bad news though, sometimes having a theme decided for you can take the pressure of coming up with something interesting and out of the box! Also as far as creating content goes the creativity of blogging is always up to you. People can give you a topic however what you write and how you write it is always your own!

Improve your writing style and have fun while doing so 

Practice makes perfect. This is a phrase that we’re all too familiar with and fairly so as there’s a lot of truth to it. The more you read and write the better you’ll get blogging. Blogging gives you the opportunity to write about topics you’re interested in so re-reading it and checking your grammar isn’t as daunting as it is for a 3000-word essay. 

Once you’re on your 5-6 blog you’ll notice that blogging comes more naturally to you. You’ll be able to structure better and know as you are typing if the sentence makes sense or not. Another great thing with blogging is the word count, an average blog is around 300-500 words. It’s easier to compose and check for improvements.

Give your opinion 

If there’s one thing our generation loves doing online it’s using our voice. We know we have a platform in which we can encourage change and make our voice heard. In all honesty, we do a really good job of it. Take for example Extinction Rebellion, a movement which has spread and gained support worldwide especially through social media. 

We have the power to communicate with one another and send a strong message just through a hashtag. Blogging is just another platform which allows us to give our opinion just in more detail.

Interested in blogging with AXO? 

At AXO it’s important for us to have students at the heart of everything we do. Supporting, publishing and sharing your blogs on our social media and website allows us to bring our existing students and potential students together. 

Sharing your experience will be helpful for first-time students in the UK. Writing about day to day life or things to do in and around your University will add valuable student perspective to students who are interested in studying here. 

If you are interested in blogging for AXO or would like to find out more please email