Posted on 12th October 2021

Things to do in Sunderland

Did you know, in the National Survey, Sunderland was reported to be the 7th safest city in the UK?! Safety and comfort are paramount to us here at AXO, so we’re proud to be accommodating students here!

It’s not only the safety factor that makes Sunderland so great. Alongside this, Sunderland offers a great student life and we’re here to tell you just how good this gem of the north is!


The Bridges Shopping Centre

Shops, events, food and drink- The Bridges Shopping Centre has it all! The most exciting thing about it is the events for students. They are designed for students only, which means the shopping centre is yours for the evening! Once you’re in, you’ll have access to shops with discounts ranging anywhere between 10-20%! Ask yourself, how could you possibly go wrong with that?

The Bridges Shopping Centre is 5-minute walk from AXO Sunderland

Food and drink

Stack Seaburn

Stack Seaburn is the social hub for all of you who love street food, supporting independent businesses and like discovering bars that wouldn’t typically be on the high street. In a nutshell, it’s perfect for students!

Stack Seasburn is an 18-minute bus ride to AXO Sunderland

Poetic License Bar

The interior of this bar is as beautiful as its name! Contemporary décor inside, view of the sea outside, it’s a great place to wind down after a long day of lectures. Poetic License Bar gets better though, they are the biggest beer garden in Sunderland! A great place, with great people and a great vibe!

Poetic License Bar is a 10-minute bus ride from AXO Sunderland

Angelo’s Ristorante

Handmade authentic Italian food. The head chef at Angelo’s Ristorante was named the best Italian chef in England, and Angelo’s Ristorante in the top 10 best Italian restaurants in England! If you’re looking for some award-winning food, it’s right here!

Angelo’s Ristorante is a 4-minute walk from AXO Sunderland

The Good Apple Café

Interested in gluten-free, vegan food with a friendly atmosphere? We strongly recommend visiting The Good Apple Café. They have an amazing 4.3-star review on Google, this café has won the hearts of its locals. You will not be disappointed.

The Good Apple Café is a 7-minute walk from AXO Sunderland


Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

The Sunderland Museum allows you to discover the full story of Sunderland and what better place to start your journey than to visit it?! With a collection dating back to 1846, the history is endless. They currently have an exhibition called ‘Where We Are Now’ which is their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, featuring artworks from Arts Council Collection as well as from local Sunderland residents- check it out!

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens is a 3-minute walk from AXO Sunderland

National Glass Centre  

As the first city in the UK to craft glass, Sunderland’s National Glass Centre is full of art and history. Here you can see the craftsmanship that goes into turning glass into beautiful pieces of art! What’s even better? You can get involved!

National Glass Centre is a 20-minute walk from AXO Sunderland

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Arts

Want to see the art the Northeast has created in the last 50 years? Head over to the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Arts. This gallery has been described as the “best art gallery of the Northeast” by National newspapers.

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Arts is 18-minute walk from AXO Sunderland

Penshaw Monument

Penshaw Monument is at the top of Penshaw hill. The most fascinating thing about the monument is that it resembles a Greek temple. The monument is dated far back to the 1800s and is a great spot for sightseeing.

Penshaw Monument is 31-minute bus ride from AXO Sunderland

Beaches (yes, that’s right!) 

Roker Beach

Say hello to this hidden gem of the English coast. Roker is a sandy beach in which you can take part in activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, jet-skiing and many more!

Roker Beach is a 13-minute bus ride from AXO Sunderland

Seaburn Beach

Picture this, grass, sun and the sea! Not a bad place to be after a long day of lectures if you ask us! At Seaburn beach, you can take part in sailing, surfing and other water sports.

Seaburn Beach is a 17-minute bus ride from AXO Sunderland

Parks and nature

Roker Park

You can walk through this beautiful green park to get to the blue seafront! For those of you who love nature, this is the perfect appreciation spot.

Roker park is a 16-minute bus ride from AXO Sunderland

Herrington Country Park

A 4.5-star review on TripAdvisor can only suggest one thing… Visit it! We couldn’t help but be nosy, so we had a look at some of the top reviews. The park has a lovely big lake with several paths for you to go on a hike, those who have visited have fallen in love with how picturesque it is.

Herrington Country Park is a 29-minute bus ride from AXO Sunderland

Sunderland… the gift that keeps giving! One of the biggest advantages of living in Sunderland is the beaches and nature around you. You won’t have to be stuck indoors, to and from lectures in this city. It’s yours to discover and make the most out of!