Posted on 24th December 2021

How to stay safe on a night out

Enjoying a night out is a big part of university culture and everyone has the right to be safe when out. Recent nationwide events have forced us all to think about the growing concern around being safe on a night out and the need to raise more awareness.

We’ve done our research and created a list of things you can do to ensure safety.

Stick with your friends

There’s safety in numbers. Staying with your group of friends will ensure that you’re around people to trust. You may want to venture out and meet new people (you have every right to do this), in this case, let your friends know so at least they will be aware of your whereabouts.

Keep away from trouble

Easier said than done, we understand. What we mean by trouble is if you see people acting hostile or trying to cause a scene, stay away from them. Unfortunately, some people take their night too far, they will either try to cause a problem with someone or even a fight. If you notice people behaving this way, we suggest staying away from them.

Hide your stuff

It’s common to be a bit more careless once you’ve had a drink. Try to keep your phone, card and money in your bag as much as you can. If you need to use one of them then do this discreetly or when you’re around your friends.

Drink responsibly

Try to drink as responsibly as you can. This might not be the “wild night out” you had in mind however it’s worth a shot (no pun intended). Drink water between your drinks and try to have mini breaks in between.

For more information on how to drink respobsibly check, BBC.

Watch your drink 

Drink spiking is still a widespread problem so make sure you keep yourself and your friends safe on a night out. Don’t leave your drinks unattended, even if you’re leaving them for a short minute. Always watch your drinks being poured by the bartenders and don’t accept drinks from strangers. If you’re ever worried you might have been spiked, speak to your friends and notify a member of the bar staff immediately.


Ask for help if you feel unsafe

At any point of the night if you start feeling unsafe you should speak to someone and ask for help. You can either speak to one of your friends, staff at the bar or security. Speaking to a member of staff will ensure that you’re in contact with someone who isn’t drinking, someone who can assist you if needs be.

Pre-book your cab

Booking a cab via an app or calling to pre-book is the safest way to use a cab service during a night out. Once you’ve booked the service inform your friends/family or use it with them. This will ensure that others are aware of where you are and at what time.

Walk home with people you know

If you’re walking distance away or want to save a bit of money so you’re walking home after a night out, make sure you walk with a group of people you trust. There’s safety in numbers and this will ensure that you aren’t alone late at night and you get home safely.