Posted on 17th June 2021

What to take to university? Student accommodation checklist

Packing to move into your university accommodation is possibly one of the most exciting days you’ll experience in life. It’s the first time that the reality sets in of the new journey you’re about to embark on and that’s why it helps to be well prepared for it.

Here at AXO, we welcome students from all over the world, every year, many of us ourselves have been to university and so we have a good idea (from both personal and professional experience) of what student life entails.

So, as experts in the field (if we do say so ourselves) we have created a handy student accommodation checklist for you to use. This is a simple list of all the items you will likely need when moving into your student accommodation. We’ve also included a downloadable PDF file so you can tick the items as you add them to your suitcase.

Important documents and Admin

–       Proof of ID (passport, provisional license or driving license)

–       Study VISA (if applicable)

–       University letters (acceptance and course letters)

–       Accommodation contract (you should have been sent a copy of this)

–       Bank details

–       Study books (if you have purchased them already)

–       Stationary set

–       Notepad

–       Folders


–       Jumpers

–       Trousers

–       Shirts

–       Casual tops

–       Underwear

–       Sportswear/swimwear

–       Pajamas

–       Coats

–       Bags

–       Shoes

–       Slippers

–       Dressing gown

–       Night out outfits (if you enjoy a night out)

–       Dresses

–       Fancy dress outfits. We’ve even researched some fancy dress ideas for you – you never know when an impromptu 80s themed SU night is going to come about (so get those neon leg warmers packed!).

–       Clothes hangers

The most important thing to remember when it comes to clothes is to pack appropriately for the season!

Kitchen items

–       Cutlery (we recommend two of each)

–       Glasses/Cups

–       Mug

–       Bowl

–       Plates

–       Saucepan (we recommend two, one for your pasta and one for the sauce aha!)

–       Frying pan

–       Tupperware (to take food to the library)

–       Spatula

–       Tea towel

–       Sharp knife (for chopping)

–       Oven glove

–       Can opener

–       Bottle opener

–       Potato peeler

–       Colander

–       Chopping board

–       Baking tray

–       Some food (to keep you going for the first day or so)

–       Toaster and kettle (if you will have a shared kitchen then perhaps wait until you arrive until one of your flatmates have brought these items)

–       Reusable water bottle (spoiler alert – at AXO we will gift you a free AXO reusable bottle on arrival 😊)

Bathroom items

–       Towels (bath, hair and hand towel)

–       Shampoo and conditioner

–       Hair products

–       Shower gel

–       Hand soap

–       Hairbrush

–       Hairdryer

–       Toothbrush

–       Sanitary products

–       Toiletries

–       Skincare & Makeup

–       Bath mat

–       Peddle bin

Bedroom items

–       Duvet and pillow

–       Bedding set (duvet cover and pillowcases)

–       Mattress protector

–       Laundry basket

–       Waste paper bin

–       Home comforts – such as your childhood teddy bear (don’t worry, you won’t be the only one who brings them 😊)

Electrical items

–       Phone charger

–       Laptop

–       Laptop charger

–       Earphones

–       Speakers (these are always useful for socialising but it’s important to check what times you can play music out loud once you move in)

–       Power extension lead

–       Hairstyling tools

–       Alarm clock

–       Lamp

–       Memory stick

Other items

–       Umbrella

–       Hot water bottle

–       Railcard (we recommend getting a railcard as you will be able to travel for cheaper)

–       A cleaning pack (sponges, sprays, liquids, detergents)

–       A throw or blanket

–       Backpack

–       Any personal medications and prescriptions

We recommend using our partner UniKitOut for the majority of the items you need for Uni. Chances are you’ll be able to buy everything you need in one go.

The temptation to pack everything you own will be great! However, sticking to the basics to start with will make your life a lot easier (and clutter-free) when it comes to your move in. Less could be more (depending on the size of your room) so always wait until you’ve physically moved into the room before you decide to get that 50” flat screen!!

To help you out, even more, we’ve created two downloadable PDF’s for you. The first one includes the items listed in this blog and the other is a blank version, you can populate this one yourself if you’d prefer 😊.

Download PDF checklist (items included)

Download PDF checklist (blank)