Posted on 8th April 2020

Top 5 things to do during self-isolation

We asked you on Instagram @axostudent what you’ve been doing to keep yourselves entertained during self-isolation. This is a strange time for us, we’re a society in which socialising is something we’re so used to and we’ve never known life without it. So, for us to suddenly give that up has understandably left many of us with a lot of time on our hands.

1: Netflix (watching things online)

Is Netflix being number one on our list a surprise to anyone?! Netflix has long been our go-to chill-out activity. With many binge-worthy box sets to choose from, it’s easy to lose whole days and even weeks immersed in them. Recently Netflix introduced a “Netflix Party” which allows you to watch things with your friends at the same time- making it ever so easy to have a movie night!

For more details on Netflix Party

2: Drawing and painting  

Drawing and painting was another popular answer. The Journal of American Art Therapy found that drawing for 45 minutes a day significantly reduces stress. This is because it takes your mind off everyday life and allows you to focus on what you’re drawing. Therefore, making drawing and painting the perfect self-care therapy.

3: Working out

How many times have you used the excuse “I don’t have time to workout”? Unfortunately, it looks like this excuse is going to be invalid for a while! Working out while you stay at home will not only help you kill time but it will also be a good way of using up your energy. We’re moving about less during self-isolation so making sure you do a 30-40 minute workout will be beneficial for your mind and body.

Luckily working out at home is cheaper than going to a gym. There are a lot of YouTube videos, one of our favourites is here you will find everything from dance workouts to boxing.

4: Reading

Whether you’re someone who enjoys reading or would like to read more what better time to pick up a book than now? Even though you may not be able to go to a library or bookstore to pick out a book you can still order online. Another good way  to get engrossed in a story is using E-books or audiobooks. There are a lot of free audiobooks on YouTube, or you can download Audible which gives you the first audiobook for free. See link to Audible

5: Resting/chilling

As students, we’re constantly on the go. Whether it be studying to achieve those high grades at University, attending society activities, finding a job so you can build your experience or just spending time with friends and family, it’s very rare that we find time to wind down and relax. Which is why it’s even more important to use this time to catch up on rest, relax and ultimately self-care to the fullest!