Posted on 29th June 2021

Things to do near Paradise Student Village

As the UK City of Culture 2021, ranked top 50 in QS Best Student Cities of the world and Top 5 in the UK, Coventry offers its students endless fun, adventure and notably a vibrant culture. If you’re going to Coventry University and have chosen to live at AXO Student Living’s Paradise Student Village (great choice by the way), then we’ve got the perfect area guide for you!


As Coventry is this year’s UK City of Culture it’s only right to start with the city’s historic culture.

Coventry Cathedral

Did you know that Coventry has three Cathedrals? The oldest is St. Mary’s Priory & Cathedral, There is also the ‘Old Cathedral’ and The ‘New Cathedral’. The Old Cathedral stands in the heart of the city centre and was a casualty of bombing during the Second World War. Instead of removing it, the remains of the damaged building have been preserved and next door a new Cathedral was built to symbolise peace and reconciliation – this is a perfect day trip for those of you who love history.

The Cathedral is an 11-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

Coventry Transport Museum

As the mother of the British motor industry, Coventry is home to the world’s biggest British transport collection! Here you can find artefacts such as the Ariel Cycle and the Daimler Wagonette as well as many others. There is always so much going on at the museum that it’s worth more than one visit to take advantage of the different exhibitions on offer!

Coventry Transport Museum is a 15-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

The Belgrade Theatre

Offering a variety of local performances, West End and comedy shows The Belgrade Theatre is great for those interested in theatre-going and the arts. There’s something to see for everyone and what’s more, they even offer a student discount!

The Belgrade Theatre is a 17-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

The Coventry Music Museum

Whether you want to discover new music, or support local artists, The Coventry Music Museum has got you covered. Did you know that it’s run entirely on volunteers? It’s the city’s love for music and culture that gives it its legacy! If you want to be part of this vibrant community head over to their website and connect with them.

The Coventry Music Museum is a 13-minute bus journey from Paradise Student Village


Coventry city centre is jam-packed with shopping options for you. From West Orchards to Lower Precinct Shopping Centre, you can find all of your go-to high-street shops within minutes of each other. The good news doesn’t end there, Coventry is also known for its lively indoor market!

West Orchards is a 15-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

Lower Precinct Shopping Centre is an 18-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

Coventry Market

The options for shoppers are endless in this market. From flowers, make-up, perfume, clothes and food – you can find almost anything you need here. It’s perfect for those who want a real market experience, look for variety and enjoy supporting local businesses whilst shopping.

Coventry Market is a 17-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

Fargo Village

Do you want to support independent sellers and enjoy some delicious street food while you’re at it? Fargo Village is famous for its creative community, here you’ll find names such as Fab Lab- Eco Furniture Factory, Print Manufactory and Tag Artwork.

Fargo Village is a 13-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

Café’s (supporting local business)

If you’re a real foodie, Coventry won’t disappoint you. Here are some of Coventry’s best cafes and lunch spots.

Gloria & Lil’s

This cute café was founded by Eilis and Emma, who run it with their friendly team. They offer a range of cakes, hot and cold drinks, lunch and brunch! If you’re looking for a café to spend your study break at or want a place to kill time one afternoon with your friends, then this is the place for you.

The great news is AXO Student Living residents get a 10% discount at Gloria & Lil’s! All you have to do is prove that you live with us (residents will receive an email on what to provide).

Gloria & Lil’s is a 4-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

The Coffee Hub at CBGC

Fancy freshly brewed coffee? Head down to The Coffee Hub at CBGC, they have a 5* review rating on Facebook. The community in Coventry love spending their time there, evidenced by the many positive reviews on their Facebook page, so we’re sure you will too!

The Coffee Hub at CBGC is a 5-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

Kahazwa Cafe

Did you know that Kahawa means ‘coffee’ in Arabic? Whether it’s food, dessert or drinks that take you there, Kahawa Café serves its customers with a big smile 😊. With an impressive 4.6 star review on Google, we’re convinced it’s a great place to check out!

Kahawa Café is a 13-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

Sports & activities

If you enjoy playing sports and doing activities, then you’re in the right place as Coventry offers a wide variety of them.

RedKangaroo Trampoline Park

RedKangaroo is Coventry’s biggest trampoline centre. Not only do they have trampolines, but they also have inflatables, mega slides and wipe out! The centre is a great place to visit if you want to jump around and have some fun or get really competitive on wipeout.

RedKangaroo is a 40-minute bus ride from Paradise Student Village

Planet Ice 

Get ready to skate the day away at Planet Ice! Don’t worry if you can’t skate or don’t feel confident doing it. Planet Ice even offers skating lessons, you can either book individually or in a group.

Planet Ice is a 19-minute walk From Paradise Student Village

Laser Quest

For those of you who’ve visited a Laser Quest centre before don’t need to be told how exhilarating it can be. Running around trying to tag the opposite team is like paintballing but thankfully without the pain! If you’ve not been to a Laser Quest with your friends, then we suggest you give it a go.

Laser Quest is a 14-minute bus ride from Paradise Student Village

Escape Reality

No activity day is complete without an Escape game these days. Escape Reality is a centre full of themed game rooms. There’s a wide range of themes to choose from; from ‘Alcatraz’ to ‘Murder In Whitechapel’, so there’s sure to be one that suits your escapist ambitions. Once you’re locked into the room of your choice, you and your team will have to complete riddles and tasks to earn your freedom. Be warned, you’ll most likely be competing with other groups, so time is of the essence if you want to be the best!

Escape Reality is a 12-minute walk from Paradise Student Village

There are many wonderful things to discover and do in Coventry. The city really owns its title of “UK City of Culture”. To study in a city as vibrant is a real pleasure for our current students, and we’re sure it’ll be for you too 😊.