Posted on 14th September 2021

Things to do near Oxford Circus

Living in AXO Oxford Circus means living in the heart of London – something people around the world dream of. So, being able to experience yourself while you study can be considered a dream come true! If you’re getting ready to move into this property in September, then read on to find out some of the best things to take advantage of during your stay.

When writing a guide about the area around AXO Oxford Circus, it’s only right to start with Oxford Street. Whether you’re into fashion, technology, food, drink, entertainment or just the hustle and bustle of London city life you can find it all here! The shopping experience offered here is considered the best in the country, and here you’ll find out why that is.

This retail heaven is home to approximately 131 shops, over 55 restaurants, household technology names such as Apple and Samsung and endless theatre entertainment. You could visit every single day and still find something new to do and try out.



Luxury shopping? Yes please! Harrods is one of the most popular department stores in Europe. It’s world-renowned and AXO Oxford Circus residents are lucky enough to have it on their doorsteps. Even if shopping isn’t your thing, Harrods is more of an experience that we suggest anyone checking out. There’s often elaborate displays (especially around the festive period) as well as some fantastic bars and restaurants (Get your cameras ready)!

Harrods is a 29-minute journey from AXO Oxford Circus


Did you know that this high-end department store is the second largest shop in the UK? It’s like having a shopping centre within a shopping centre! Here you can dine, shop for clothing, jewellery, technology and home goods – what’s more, you’ll get one of their infamous bright yellow bags with every purchase.  If you’re into your fancy goods then you’ll love the feel of it here.

Selfridges is a 17-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus


Is fashion your love language? As one of the leading high-street brands in Europe Zara offers high-quality clothing. From a range of basic items to more trendy ones, Zara is a good place to start your shopping trip (it’s near the beginning of the street which is handy 😉)!

Zara is a 14-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus

Arabian Oud

If you’re into your scents and you enjoy smelling different from the crowd then you would have heard of Arabian Oud. This luxury scent store provides oriental perfumes, oils and incense. Their products are different from any other in the market as they have a stronger base, which makes them last a lot longer!

Arabian Oud is a 20-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus


Ethical beauty and self-care offered by an industry leader, Lush. Lush is proud to support Fair Trade and Community Trade, they don’t carry out animal testing and are big on selling sustainable products. If you’re looking to live a more sustainable life then be sure to check Lush out. They make it super easy to go plastic-free!

Food and drink

Here are some of our top suggestions:

Alto by San Carlo at Selfridges

Nestled in the aforementioned department store Selfridges (see we told you they had everything) you can enjoy the perfect view of London at this high-end Italian rooftop. From seafood, pasta, salads and their very own desserts- Alto by San Carlo has an amazing variety of food to choose from.

Alto by San Carlo is a 17-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus

Harry’s Bar

TikTok is obsessed with this restaurant! The 1950s interior, the option to dine inside or out and not to mention its amazing menu keeps their customers coming all year round. Why not visit Harry’s bar, experience the exquisite food and even create your TikTok?

Harry’s Bar is a 16-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus


Every student’s favourite restaurant; we weren’t going to miss a cheeky Nandos off of the list! We’re not sure if there’s anything we can tell you that you don’t already know about this Portuguese sensation. The one thing we can say for sure is that it never disappoints!

Nandos is a 17-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus


This plant-based restaurant has been in service in London for over 30 years! Serving Londoners with great vegan & organic dishes, with gluten-free options to boot. That’s not where the good news ends with MILDREDS, they also source their ingredients from small businesses; which means when you support MILDREDS. you’re helping them out too 😊.

MILDREDS is a 19-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus

Vantra Eden

Another highly praised vegan restaurant is Vantra Eden. Vantra has been in service since 1999, they are passionate about offering their customers healthy food. Their mantra is “to show a nutritious, sustainable, vegan lifestyle never has to compromise on taste” – and when it comes to their menu, we have to agree!

Vantra Eden is a 15-minute journey from AXO Oxford Circus

Activities and spots to check out

Selfridges Garden Centre

Yep, back on the list for the third time, Selfridges’ brand new garden centre is at the heart of London and is a sight to see. We say this because it isn’t any old garden centre, it’s one with its own exclusive Prada collection!! We can count on one hand the number of times we’ve visited one like that… it’s zero.

Selfridges Garden Centre is a 17-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus


Think mini-golf but a good few notches better! Swingers is a combination of crazy golf, street food, cocktails and a DJ. It’s a popular spot for date nights but who says you can’t go with your friends 😊.

Swingers is a 12-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus


Use exercise to connect your mind, body and soul. That’s exactly what they do at SoulCycle! Selfridges have teamed up with them to host classes every single day of the week, several times a day!

SoulCycle is a 17-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus

The Photographers’ Gallery

Opening in 1971, this is the first public gallery solely showcasing photography in the United Kingdom. The Photographer’s Gallery has since then extended its space to include a bookshop and cafe. They also sell prints and promote both British and International artists.

The Photographer’s Gallery is a 17-minute walk from AXO Oxford Circus

Tate Modern

If you’re into art one of the first things you need to do is visit Tate Modern. It’s one of the biggest modern and contemporary art museums in the world! Having this at an arm’s reach while you study at university is a great benefit.

Tate Modern is a 34-minute journey from AXO Oxford Circus

Tourist attractions

Buckingham Palace

Visit the Queen while you study?! Even though you will not be able to see the Queen herself, Buckingham Palace is a must-see when it comes to tourist attractions in London. Why not plan a day out with your new friends, take pictures with the guards and you can even try to make them laugh!

Buckingham Palace is a 24-minute journey from AXO Oxford Circus

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with this blog! There’s so much to do around AXO Oxford Circus that it’s impossible to fit it all in one. The variety of places and flagship stores to check out and activities to get involved in is endless and caters for everyone. It’s the perks that come with living in Central London, so whatever you do, make sure you make the most of it :).