Keep yourself busy during the Easter break – Part 2

Posted on 19th April 2019

6 things to do in semester break! (Part 1)

We hope you enjoyed last weeks list and it kept you busy! Here are three more suggestions for your semester brea.

Tip 4 – Find your old friends
Life is busy, and you can lose contact with important people in your life. Sometimes, whilst browsing through social media you might come across a friend who you haven’t contacted for a long time. Spend some time in your break to re-connect these relationships. Have an afternoon tea with them, make a call. You’ll never know how precious these conversations are.

Tip 5 – Manage your personal documents
One semester passed, that means you are getting one step closer to your graduation. It is always important to be aware of your career planning. Maybe you will need an internship, scholarship, part-time job, study programme, anything! So, update your CV, portfolio, resume, cover letter and much more to increase your competitiveness! Don’t know where to start? Need help? Go to your school’s career centre, or numerous sites online to get some great advice!

Tip 6 – Movie marathon!
Been meaning to catch up on your Netflix – but not had the time. The holidays are a brilliant time for a guilt free TV and movie binge! So prepare your snacks and drinks, start your movie marathon tonight! Too many options? Go and check ‘100 must see movies’ or in any genres that you like!

Time flies. Make sure you use your semester break wisely. Take a good rest and get ready for the upcoming semester!

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