How will becoming an AXO Student Ambassador benefit you?

Posted on 13th November 2019

We are launching our AXO Student Ambassador program for 2019/20! This gives you the chance to plan and organise AXO Life Events, gain experience, network with the AXO team and other students- plus save money on rent!

Plan and organise events and gain experience

Even though you have just started the academic year a lot of you will be thinking about building your CV and adding work experience to it. It’s no secret that the expectation of companies are constantly increasing. Recruiters are not only looking for high achieving students but students who have studied and worked at the same time. 

Showing recruiters that you can plan and organise events is an impressive skill, doing this alongside your studies will help put you above candidates during the interview process. 

Helping the AXO team  will not only improve this skill but will also help you with your time management. Over time you’ll be better at time management, this means managing University work, events and socialising. This is an important life skill that will go a long way. 

Network with the AXO team and other students 

If you haven’t made a LinkedIn account we suggest you make one. At University you will meet so many people, although it’s nice to have them on Facebook, having them on LinkedIn makes things more official. So for example in 2 years if you apply for a job at Google and one of your friends on LinkedIn are already working there this will help you somewhat stand out. 

Link to LinkedIn

When you become an AXO Student Ambassador you will build a relationship with the team here and meet students from other flats, meaning you’ll be exposed to both employees and staff.

Save money on rent

Our Student Ambassadors’ are eligible for discounts on their weekly rents plus have access to higher Refer a Friend rates. 

*Please check Refer a Friend deal with Reception as some sites are not included. 

To apply to become a Student Ambassador, or find out more please email or speak to someone at reception.