Posted on 14th December 2021

How to Make Revision Fun – Revision Guide

We can admit making revision fun as an idea might shock some and challenge others but stick with us while we explain the science behind it.

University requires a lot of study time. Studying requires a lot of motivation. Getting and staying motivated can be difficult so it’s best to use different ways to revise. Our revision plan is simple: reward yourself.

Here’s how the revision game works, for every hour, day and week you study, you reward yourself. The more hours you spend studying the bigger your reward gets.

Every hour

A good place to start is budgeting your rewards. Start with deciding what you want to reward yourself with for every hour that you study. Some of our suggestions are:

Money jar: put a pound in your money jar for every hour you spend studying. You can use the money saved up to treat yourself!

Netflix/ watching shows: think of it like this, every hour of your revision session equals the number of hours you can spend watching your favourite shows. If you really want to binge-watch something this will motivate you to work harder during your study sessions.

Food and drink treats: as we’re only deciding the treats you get for the hour you study, makes these smaller in comparison to the weekly treat. So, if you’re treating yourself to a chocolate bar after a few hours of studying, then you can treat yourself to a nice takeout at the end of the week.

Every day

You should think of your “every day” treats as “every hour” treats x 50!

These treats work a bit differently from the treats already mentioned. To apply “every day” treats to your revision motivation you need to have a stricter schedule. The first step is to determine how many hours of studying in the day you need to do. If exam season or deadlines are approaching, we’d recommend 6-8 hours.

Once you’ve got your hours set, decide on your start and end time, for example, 10am-4pm, 12pm-4pm, 9pm-1am (you get the idea). This will be the start of you planning your schedule, the next phase is to stick to it.

Sticking to a tight revision timetable is no easy work, we’re sure you’re aware. This is why the reward system is perfect. Now that you know how hard you need to work think of an appropriate treat that will get you through the day.

Some treats we suggest:

–       Attending a social event (check out our AXO Life events)

–       Treating yourself to a bigger snack than your hourly rewards

–        Arrange a sports game with your friend/s (badminton, basketball, tennis etc). Exercise is also known to relieve stress, so you’ll be feeling refreshed after it

Every week

Now that you’ve got to plan your weekly rewards, we can talk big! Go hard or go home, right?!

This bit is the most exciting not only because your treats are bigger but because you get them after working a long, hard week. What’s more satisfying than enjoying yourself when you know you’ve deserved it?

Let’s say you’ve stuck to the daily revision schedule you created earlier, it’s okay if some days weren’t as productive as others, your energy and motivation level can’t always be at 100%! Think of how you want to reward yourself at the end of the week.

Typically, you would rest for the week during the weekend. Out of the two days pick a day that works best for you. Your reward hours are unlimited on this day!

Top reward suggestions:

–       Selfcare day (this one can be super budget-friendly!)

–       Cinema (go watch that movie you’ve had your eyes on)

– 3-course meal (a quick Google search will give you budget-friendly options if you’re feeling real boujee though you can go for something a bit more high-end)

–       Spend time with friends

–       Visit family

Hopefully, by this point of the blog, we’ve convinced you that it is possible to turn revision into a fun game. Take each day as it comes and always try your best! Don’t forget to keep us posted over Instagram and share your revision tips with other students.