Posted on 5th July 2022

What are the best ways to find a graduate job using social media?

What’s the first thing to do when looking for a job on social media?

Set up those profiles. This point may seem obvious, but how many of you have profiles on job-specific sites? You know, LinkedIn or Indeed? These platforms are revolutionary ways to land your dream job.  

But it doesn’t end there. These days you can bag yourself a graduate job using the social media platforms you all know and love. That’s right – you’ll want to be searching on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram 

Here’s a fine example. If your passion is for social media, it’s worth giving @samssocialmediaclub a follow. They post daily job offers across the country. So basically, they’re completing the job-hunting process for you. Cheers Sam!

Who should I interact with online?

Sure, scrolling through TikTok and watching friends slap each other with tortillas is hilarious. But social media isn’t only for fun. Once your accounts are linked and used correctly, you can begin your path to the new chapter with interaction being key! 

Love that Netflix series that just dropped? Find the director. Retweet them. Drop them a reply. What’s the worst that could happen? 

Check out how easy the process can be:

How should I reach out to people on social media? 

Don’t doubt yourself. We know you’ve got the brains. So, share your knowledge and tips with the rest of the world. Try to get involved as much as you can.  

It’s a great way to involve yourself with the company and get your initial foot in the door. Somebody out there may really appreciate your suggestions! 

Networking is a less casual approach to this. This is your time to follow the right people and re-connect with some old friends.  

Remember Jason from school? He’s now the manager of your favourite sportswear brand. Reach out and make that connection. We might sound like we’re repeating ourselves here – but what’s the worst that could happen?

What are the do’s and don’ts of posting on social media? 

We know mixing business with pleasure doesn’t always come in hand-in-hand. But don’t worry about posting about some of your favourite hobbies and interests. Companies actually like to see this! 

It gives them an insight into how your working-life conquests and personal activities combine to create the individual that you are.  

There’s nothing wrong with showing your employer that you can have a good time. It’s good for them to get a feel on how well you will fit in with the rest of the team. So have fun on socials too!

How can I impress a hiring manager?

Before sending off that cover letter, or even attending an interview, make sure to ask for the names of the hiring managers. Managers love this. It shows you have done your research. 

Once you have the name, it’s stalking time! Just kidding… But use this to your advantage. Have a browse on Twitter or LinkedIn. Find out the latest company updates. Find out some of their likes and dislikes. Have the upper hand!  

This insider information will leave a memorable interview. We promise they will be impressed. 

Should I play the numbers game when looking for a graduate job on social media?

When applying for jobs in a ‘normal’ recruitment process, it’s all about the numbers. Send out as many applications as you can, someone is bound to get back to you. 

But remember, social media is public. You can clearly track who and how many people you have reached out to. So, make sure you don’t overdo it.  

The more people you reach out to on social media, the less career-focused you might seem. It could come off a little desperate for a job. 

Make sure you are clued up on the companies. Which companies are more likely to not play nice with others? Knowing this information could play to your advantage. You wouldn’t want to reach out to Nike and Adidas for your dream role and make this public knowledge, would you?

How do I catch people’s attention with my social media? 

It’s always great to have aesthetically pleasing social media. What better way to catch someone’s eye?  

Clean up that Instagram grid. Create a professional Pinterest board. Start writing a blog. And remember, link those profiles!  

Completing these steps allow the employer to gauge what you could bring to their company. Doing personal work online shows that you are hard-working and self-motivated in your field.  

Check out how stunning @emwng’s Instagram profile is at first glance. And just a tip, including cute dogs in your feed will always win with us!